Friday, 2 March 2018

Syria Crisis and war the dirty game and who is bombing whom and why things are happening. (Hindi)

Friends we all know there is a big and not humanitarian Crisis going on in Syria and lots of countries involved in this Crisis also the whole world if feeling the pain and the horror of this bloody war which is going on in Syria from last 7 years but still countries like Russia, America, Iran, Saudi-Arabia are preparing for a big war and between this country the people of Syria are suffering.

Previously I created 2 videos about this Crisis and you should also check out both videos

What happening in Syria and who is fighting who in Syria ( Hindi )

Syria war full story. How Syria war started. What's going in Syria.सीरिया वॉर की पूरी राम कथा(Hindi)

The story of Arab Spring. What Is the Arab Spring and How Arab Spring Started? It's Effects. (Hindi)

What is Yemen Crisis? what is happening in Yemen and who is responsible for Yemen food crisis(Hindi)

Let's find out all

I collected all the information for you.

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