Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Who is Edward Snowden. The fight between most powerful nation(USA) and 30 year old young boy(Hindi)

Friends before i released i video on ransomware attack and and in that video i talked about Edward Snowden so i created this video for you.
Ransomware Wannacry attack. The hidden truth. Who is responsible. North Korea Did this?(Hindi)
This is the story witch happen in 2013.
Edward Snowden was a 30 year old boy who worked for NSA National Security Agency ( USA ) . He released some 1.5M documents at that time and fully exposed USA security services .
This is really an interesting story
List of documents related to this video
NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily
NSA paid millions to cover Prism compliance costs for tech companies
NSA monitored calls of 35 world leaders after US official handed over contacts
XKeyscore: NSA tool collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet'
Meet TAO: The NSA’s Elite Hacking Team
NSA collects millions of text messages daily in 'untargeted' global sweep
US got NSA leaker Edward Snowden's middle name wrong, says Hong Kong
US revokes NSA leaker Edward Snowden's passport, as he reportedly seeks asylum in Ecuador
Edward Snowden's 40 days in a Russian airport – by the woman who helped him escape
Edward Snowden seeks temporary asylum in Russia
Bolivia: Presidential plane forced to land after false rumors of Snowden onboard
Let's find out.
Everything about it.
I collected all the information for you.
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